Berserk is a manga and anime series offering stomach-wrenching scenes with gory settings.  However, the story itself has one of the most well-written and drawn characters and development arcs. Published in the ’80s, Berserk feeds its fan following with extreme level art, beautiful storytelling, and with top-notch character dynamics.

Currently having 363 chapters of the manga published and a complimentary anime series for the anime community, Berserk is near to its closure. Because it is the greatest well-written story of all time, our article will be focusing on what makes Berserk a must-watch anime.

A Punch of Raw and Satisfactory Action

Starting with its true genre, Miura’s Berserk is a dark fantasy action manga, and anime series. Throughout the narrative of this thrilling, shocking, gory, and violent. Leaving the viewers with some of the most actioned packed scenes which are well written and produced.

It satisfies the need of our needs for action giving its fans enough to appreciate it. The world of Berserk is constantly plagued and deadly creatures are spotted now and then. Guts, the protagonist fights his way every time to survive and fulfill his revenge.

Blurred Definition of Good & Evil

What a marvelous piece of art where you are left to have a subjective approach and also have the opportunity to choose whether it depicts good or evil. Berserk carries this exact gory tone of blurred good and evil with every character.

The creator gave this opportunity to its viewers and readers to decide the good and evil of the story. The prime example of these blurred lines of good and evil is how the creator has drawn the characters in the story. He made the protagonist of the story look more demonic, monstrous, and uncivilized and on the other hand, the antagonist convinces everyone that he is a good person because of his angelic looks and soft tone.

The Captivating Dark Fantasy Setting

Berserk offers a perfect setting with its dark fantasy theme. This setting complements the story and often comes in comparison to famous series like Lord of the Rings. The perfect gritty tones of this story push viewers to watch more of it, consuming every arc of Berserk.

The nature of the characters and the world around them is an additional element that adds a lot to this gritty setting.

A Perfect Antagonist

Who does not love a good and layered Antagonist? Griffith is an ace to the story, his appearance, the way he is portrayed, and even the twists that turned him an evil are a treat to watch for the viewers. Berserk’s Griffith is one of the most well-written antagonists in all anime.

A complex character with twisted intentions.  As the story proceeds, multiple events happen largely because Griffith himself planned them to do so. Making them evil and the main Antagonist of Berserk. He can be seen in the anime from time to time creating chaos and complex scenarios for the main cast due to his evil and complex intentions.

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