The world of HunterXHunter is full of legendary characters. The world respects and honors hunters and offers enough privileges to these selected hunters. However, some hunters are not that capable and lack combating skills.

Although they are respected in the hunter community but lack the complete potential to unleash a higher status. This article will be naming some of the weakest hunters that lack potential and skills compared to other higher grade hunters in the HunterXHunter series. One thing to note here is that these names are showcased based on their skills that were aired in the series.


Leorio is one of those few people that passed the 287th Hunter Examination and acquired the status of being a member of the 12 Zodiacs. He ranks in the upper position due to his time in the association but lacks the skills to justify his status in the Association.

He learned the Nen technique quite lately and this shows his incompatibility compared to other members. He only wields his Emission technique but that’s all that he wields in the whole series.


A newly-made Hunters, Pokkle learned the Nen Technique and choose to become a Beast Hunter. He can emit an aura for detaching it through arrows. And have slight transmutation abilities. Besides his persistent nature and the transmutation powers that he possesses, he was still considered unfit or not recommendable to combat against Squadron leaders of Chimera Ants.

This makes him weak, incompatible to fight, and simply losing to other more skilled hunters in the HunterXHunter series.


Like her name indicates she is a Music Hunter, and a member of Neon’s bodyguards.  With the starting of the Yorknew City arc, viewers are first able to see this Hunter and quickly judge her based on combat and hunting skills when she joins hands with Kurapika.

Kind and a wonderful character, Melody lacks the fighting abilities and can’t do anything further than provide backups for her alliances.

Melody awoke Nen after the death of her friend and her Nen ability allows her to emit aura, and sense the psychological state of people. However, the hunter proves us all wrong from time to time with her dedication towards having good character development in the series.


A  Single-Star Jackpot Hunter, Tsezguerra appears to be strong at first to the viewers when we encounter him in the very first episode of the Greed Island arc.  But soon we came to know that it was all the concealing that he did to his character to hide his weak skills against his opponents.

He could not stand against characters that are powerful like Gon, Killua, and Genthru. He was outclassed against Razor in the dodgeball match. But he disappointed fans when he never revealed his own Nen abilities. His lack to show any higher skills and competency against his rivals is his sign of weakness and thus makes him a lower grade hunter and makes him an easy to forget character.

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