One of the biggest anime shows of 2019, Kimetsu No Yaiba aka Demon Slayer is a shonen anime with massive popularity among anime watchers. The anime sets its tale in Japan’s Taisho Period with various gruesome demons hunting humans fearlessly.

In this Demon vs Human world, we got to see many capable demon slayers aka Hashiras, and many deadly demons in the first season, we also got to see the main antagonist of Demon Slayer Muzan Kibutsuji, the deadliest and strongest demon alive. This article is dedicated to the dedicated nerds of Demon Slayer, where the top deadliest demons will be ranked according to their strength and “Demon Blood Art”.

1. Muzan Kibutsuji the Main Antagonist

By season 1, all the anime watchers understood how deadly and demonic Muzan Kibutsuji is, from 12 Demon Moons to captivating humans and torturing them with his blood, Muzan shows how true a demon he is. Season one shows how it is practically impossible to run away from him or even survive in his presence. He remains mysterious with utmost strength, terror, and a great threat to humanity.

2. RUI From Mount Natagumo

Rui surely ranks low among the 12 Demon Moons, but he still possessed a lot of strength and marvelous tactics to prove himself deadly in the first season. Rui was capable to torture others he turned strong with his powers.

Living on the Mountain Natagumo, Rui captivates anyone he finds suitable to be a part of his family only to threaten them or torture them later. The demon had a history of being deadly to his parents and murdering them without even realizing it for many years.

In season one, we saw Rui with his razor-sharp threads that even broke Tanjiro’s Demon Slaying Sword. On top of this, his demon blood was one of the most terrifying ones for his enemies.

3. Kyogai with His Demon Blood Art Drums

Kyogai was surely one of the most mysterious and artistic demons of season one. He uses his blood demon art on his drums to change the design and geography of the house he lives in. Covered with drums all over his body, he utilizes his powers in the neatest way to captivate and eat his prey.

He quickly turns a normal-looking house into a death trap for his enemies and gave them enough tough time. Being deprived of his status from the 12 Demon Moons, Kyogai still possessed a threat to many and tries to attain the strength to join 12 Demon Moons again.

4. Susamaru and Her Deadly Tamari

From the very first look, Susamaru looked somewhat terrifying and had a grin on her face. She is fearless and had multiple limbs that helped her in combatting her opponent. She surely has a child-like nature and does not understand the danger she holds for humanity.

This demon surely loves to torture and spread violence. And has immense strength even when she was not even a part of the 12 Demon Moons.

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