Death Note is one of the most well-written anime of the anime thriller genre. The story has some of the best twists that hook the viewers to the screens. Its keeps on getting better and better with each passing episode. The perfect and just world of Kira and how he tries to implement his ideology of justice over Japan and the rest of the world is a treat to watch.

Apart from having a good antagonist, death note has its fair share in making one of the best suspense scenes. This article will be decoding the most badass moments in the death note series that left the audience shocked and rooting for the anime.

Light Meeting Ryuk

When Light first meets Ryuk. The Shinigami explains to him all of his powers and what death note has to do. The first encounter is thrilling, well animated, and fun to watch. The antagonist gets to know how he can wield the power of death note and his ideology begins to seed in his mind. This first encounter holds the faith of Kira, his initial plans, and how he started hiding his second personality from the world.

Light Getting Caught by Near

Of course, a perfect anime needed a perfect and thrilling ending and death note delivers it. The finale is what reveals Light’s true side to the world. The finale is packed with suspense, perfect planning, and remorse which makes it worth watching. The writers have revealed little about the detectives in the series however, Near on the other hand proved his wits revealing Kira with jaw-dropping planning.

Light Touching Death Note

A well-sorted plan, a dirty game. This moment shows the depth of the antagonist in the death note series and how he was able to manipulate everyone around him. Light first sets Rem and wipes his memories to manipulate people to think that he has no links or he is not Kira. Later the lad touches the death note according to his settled plans gets his memories back and conceals everything from the detectives making it all seem so shocking for the viewers.

Light’s First Encounter with L

We all loved L at some point and admired his intelligence. however, both L and Light have their way of dealing with things. Their first encounter and the beginning of a subtle yet strong battle between the two geniuses begins. The anime portrays beautifully the two somehow knowing the reality of each other and still keeping it lowkey hidden to manipulate the people around them to fulfill their goals is outstanding.

Rem kills L and Watari

A sad ending for a Shinigami, when Rem kills herself because this is what Kira planned for her. The moment holds us all to the edge of our seats and later we are revealed to the sad news of L losing against Kira and Watari dying. The moment is simple, heartbreaking, and unforgettable for many. However, this is what makes Death Note one of the fans’ favorites.

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