Cowboy Bebop has some of the best storylines compared to many other anime series. The team, different antagonists, and the challenges the crew face are some of the elements that make this series worth watching. Some story arcs make this anime memorable and almost everyone from the late 90s remembers it.

With the best well-written crew and one-episode setting, the anime has some of the best-written antagonists. However, there are some villains in the anime that was too lame and worst to be a part of the series. They either made no sense or were just too weak to be a villain. In this article, we will be mentioning some of the worst villains of Cowboy Bebop.

Abdul Hakim

Abdul Hakim’s greatest flaw is that he is squandered potential. A wanted fugitive on the run from the authorities, he has assumed a new face to throw them off his trail amidst his dealings ~ one which the bounty hunters discovered regardless.

The stagnancy of this identity renders what could have been an intriguing, psychologically thrilling villain for Spike to go up against another faceless payday to claim. Despite his overall banality, he would be responsible for introducing Ein to the crew, a faithful canine companion and playmate for Ed.

Domino Walker

is among Spike’s least threatening contracts. He is a mushroom dealer who has accrued a long list of enemies for his trade, creating more threat for the cowboy and his allies between him and those holding a grudge than his actual target themself.

Walker is physically unfit and poorly armed, relying on his surroundings to escape the bounty hunters. He is so incompetent that it was ultimately Ed who defeated him, pouncing on his chest and insisting she had claimed the bounty. Correctly assessing her gullibility, he negotiated his freedom for the products of his briefcase.

Chessmaster Hex

had put his schemes into motion decades ago, finally unraveling them toward the end of his life where he would not have to suffer the consequences of his actions. He was built up as a mad genius, especially seen through the way he was able to best Edward (known for her intelligence) in Chess.

However, when Spiegel converged on the signal of Hex’s chess game, it was revealed that the old man was only what his title implied; a Chess master. He had lost his malice long ago, leading to a disappointing episode conclusion with an unsatisfying payoff.

Teddy Bomber

What began as a decent concept quickly devolved into a novelty. Despite the devastation that Teddy visited on his surroundings, he was constantly foiled by Spike, only to be thwarted by the true antagonist of the episode – his cowboy rival, Andy.

The Bomber’s incessant cries to be noticed cheapen the forced political message he later conveyed to the officer in the van hauling him off to prison. While a radicalized extremist is a solid foundation to work from, he was not nearly credible enough of a threat to be considered a good villain.

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