The Sailor Moon universe is full of cute-looking destructive weapons. Many of these weapons can heal people when they turned into monsters and restore life. Some of these weapons have a past of traumatic encounters and served as the weapon to survive for the owners.

This means we will be discussing some of the frequently used and powerful weapons by different Senshis in the Sailor Moon series. Also how these weapon’s attack affects people and how they help the Sailors in combats.

1.   The Moon Stick

The Moon Stick originally belonged to Queen Serenity and she first used it to protect the palace on the moon.  Later it got passed down to Usagi for healing people who were converted into monsters. Soon after that Sailor Moon combined the powers of the Moon Stick with the Silver Crystal and multiplied its powers.

2.   Silence Glaive

Glaive aka the Scythe of the Goddess of Death is the weapon of Sailor Saturn’s weapon. The weapon had immense power in the series and can wipe out whole planets in seconds without trouble. All one has to do is swing the Glaive and the rest is dust and ashes including the waver of this weapon. Sailor Saturn uses the Glaive to help Queen Serenity in creating a clean slate.

3.   Sword of the Silver Crystal

By its name, it depicts that the weapon is a sharp and powerful one. It was first used by Princess Serenity uses to Juliet herself after the murder of Endymion by the hands of Queen Beryl. Later it was used by Sailor Venus to avenge her princess using this sword.

Venus finds the sword revealed that the sole wielder of this sword is the Sailor Scouts. Sailor Moon also uses Sword of the Silver Crystal to kill Queen Beryl by smashing the necklace she wore to hold her powers to survive.

4.   Garnet Rod

Garnet Rod was used by Sailor Pluto for guarding the Space-Time Door. A huge and critical responsibility for any Senshi. It can perform several functions like a Dead Scream, and the most important one is to stop time and alter realities. The Garnet Rod is semi-sentient and saved its owner from getting her heart crystals snatched.

5.   Moon Crown

From slicing monsters in half to knocking stuff down, moon crown does it all without any addition to its already existing form. The weapon is helpful to stun enemies and a powerful and a powerful weapon compared to many other weapons of Sailor Moon. She can be seen ditching her other weapons like the tiara and wearing this in the final season.

6.   Spiral Heart Moon Rod

What can be more beautiful and lethal at the same time for the enemies than a weapon that has the power to heal and love? From defeating Daimons in the Death Buster arc to healing the humans converted into monsters, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod does it all accurately. However, It failed to defeat princess Kaguya or the enemies that are slightly on the rough side.

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