The ruthless world of Attack on Titan has entertained us for many years. But with some shocking and empowering moments, the series has some of the most heart-wrenching scenes and deaths which left the audience in tears.

We have picked our top saddest Attack on Titan deaths which left the viewers in anger and despair. Most AoT fans often nerd out on these kind of topics but these deaths certainly made the series more intense and some of them have even acted as a catalyst to fuel the ultimate mission of Eren’s life.

Eren’s Death

What can be sadder than seeing the MC dying in vain? Eren started his freedom fight from the very start and time to time sacrificed everything he could to make things work according to his plans.

The cruelty of this anime forgives no one and Eren is no exception. He dies at the hands of Mikasa in the final chapter only to remove the Curse of Ymir from the Eldian Race.

Mikasa Beheading Eren

Mikasa Ackerman, the girl who did everything to save his friend and his love Eren, ended up beheading him in the final chapter. The scene itself is hurtful to witness and depicts Mikasa’s pain and sadness like no other.

Sasha Being Shot

Sasha, everyone’s favorite character in the series dies in the second last season of Attack on Titan at the hands of Gabby. A loving and supporting character with a hunger for food, Sasha made us all laugh and cry.

The death of Sasha left many sad and confused at the same time.

Carla Yeager Eaten By The Laughing Titan

Who can forget Carla Yeager, she is one of the most important characters who died at the hands of the laughing titan who is the former wife of Eren’s Father.

Her death left Eren in shock and it worked as a catalyst in dragging Eren to his freedom mission.

The Commander of Survey Corps

The commander of humanity, Erwin Smith, Fought until the end only to end up dying at the hands of the Beast Titan.

His mission was to retake the Wall Maria and this smart character did justice to his rank as the Commander of the Survey Corps. His death was depressing and left fans longing for this character so that he can finally have answers to his childhood questions.

Zoe Hange’s Sacrifice

Hange Zoe, the crazy titan lover. She became the commander of Survey Corps after Erwin Smith and took this huge responsibility with the utmost regard. Her chemistry with Levi is adored by many throughout the series.

She died because of the Rumbling only to save some time for the Survey Corps. Her sacrifice had a huge impact in saving many lives but the character left us all in tears. With Armin now in charge of the Survey Corps, Hange Zoe can finally rest in peace.

Ending Take

Attack on Titan series has proven from time to time its intensity to deliver the best storyline with some of the best characters and with the final season out we might be able to see some incredible scenes this time as well.

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