The fascinating world of Attack on Titan has showcased various titans. All have their traits and abnormalities. However, the “Nine Shifter Titans” are the only titans that are capable of having combat skills and intelligence. This not only makes them powerful but also hard to defeat. The Fantasy series showcases some of the best moments where the viewers get to see how much these titans are capable of doing.

Our article is all about the “Nine Shifter Titans” and we have listed down our top picks for the most skillful titans in the series and how their skills helped them in surviving,

Ymir, The Founding Titan

Ymir, the founder of all the titans, being the first, could control other titans and her bloodline caused the emergence of the entire race of Indians to become titans. It was the founding titan that had the ability to recover from lethal attacks.

Though the founding was not immortal but destroying the founding titan destroys the Titan Race.

The Vicious Attack Titan

We all know the ruthless Attack of Titan with its viciousness and violent combat skills. This titan has the ability to receive and interpret memories of its former shifter and can also see future events.

These interpreting skills direct the attack titan to combat and come up with winning strategies.

The Beast Titan

We all loathed this monstrous Beast Titan. He has proven from time to time that he not only has some of the most killing combat skills but also has the ability to kill people all by using his intellect by utilizing his Spinal Fluid to convert people into Titans without even disclosing it.

He possesses animal instincts and tends to hit things with disturbing accuracies, killing hundreds of people in one go.

The Femme Fatal- Female Titan

The only female titan in the Attack on Titan World, the Female Titan is one of the most powerful titans. She can scream and call other pure titans for her help. She also has the icing power to protect her nape from weapons.

The Female Titan is the most ruthless and coldest titan viewers saw in the whole Attack on Titan world.

The Toughest Fighter- Armor Titan

Armored Titan takes the ability to crystalize to a whole new level. It can develop a suit of armor that protects the body from being damaged or cut in combat. The titan has some of the edgiest body shapes making it hard for opponents to strike it.

Claw King- The Jaw Titan

A small yet swift titan with the ability to crush his opponent, the jaw titan is one of the powerful titans. It can crush and shred weapons, enemies and can also crush crystalized parts of other titans.

The titan has proven to be lethal for other titan shifters because of his swift jaw ability to tear the enemy out of its titan body in no time.

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