The Sailor Moon series is one of the most-watched anime of the early 2000s, having dozens of amazing and powerful characters. All of them have their unique powers and combat skills designed from specific elements. There are multiple characters with insane power and abilities making them on the top and the most powerful version of themselves.

This article will be ranking some of the most powerful Sailor Moon Characters that were nothing but unstoppable. Without further ado, let’s nerd out and go over our top 5 Sailor Characters.

1. Sailor Cosmos

She is the evolved future version of Sailor Moon and the most powerful character in the series. Having the abilities of Sailor Moon, she also has the powers of other prominent Senshis as well.

She can foresee the future, and determine events to yield her advantages without letting her enemy know. Throughout the series, she is the ultimate Senshi.

2. Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor is physically not the powerful among other Senshis, however, she is the only character that can wield “ The Silver Crystal” which is the ultimate source of absolute and limitless power.

Holding the power of love, Sailor Moon can heal and restore what is broken or tainted. Her abilities include strong attacks with her tiara, the ultimate supersonic waves, and a magical kiss. her courage and her strong determination are what make her the most special character of the whole Sailor Moon series and the character of Usagi transforms into different versions that make her a remarkable character.

3. Neo Queen Serenity

Neo is the future form of Sailor Moon and the Queen of the Moon and Earth. Her abilities include curing the world of all evil and sickness. Making people regain their health and goodness.

Neo is often called the Messiah of Peace by some of the Senshis in the series. She has regenerating powers and can easily acquire weapons and items without even carrying any. She can wield the power of Millennium Crystal a lot better than Sailor Moon.

4. Sailor Saturn

Hotaru Tomoe is the Senshi of death and rebirth. Possessing the powers of destruction, death, rebirth, and ruin, she is known as the God of Destruction in the anime.

Her immense powers can easily destroy worlds, she also has the potential to wipe out entire galaxies or reset their evolution. Sailor Saturn can create force fields, energy beams and when she sees wounded teammates she heal their minor wounds.

5. Sailor Galaxia

Throughout the 5th story arc of Sailor Moon, Sailor Galaxia is a character with features of a female with the body of a  human-like alien. She is the main antagonist and the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica.

Often referred to as the Guardian of Solitude,  Galaxia intends to extinguish the lives on other planets. Destroying lives and planets within seconds, she can easily make other Senshis her minions. This antagonist has the power to kill many Senshis except Sailor Moon causing catastrophe here and there.

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