My Hero Academia is a show with massive popularity within the anime-watching community. Giving us all some major action-packed moments, the series has improved a lot and there are tons of character development experienced throughout the series.

Love interests add so much fun to the Shonen genre and an anime with such a crazy following always has some shipping theories by its fandom. Today we will be sharing some of the most talked-about and greatest My Hero Academia Ships. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the picks are solely based on the fan opinion and how they see these characters as potential partners or love interests. So let’s go over the list and nerd out on MHA!

1. Izuku Paired With Ochako

Anime lovers find it interesting to pair the lead with as many potential partners as they can. The same goes for my Hero academia, the MC, Izuku gets shipped with a lot of people. However, Ochako is among the constant possible pair for Izuku.

She remained with Izuku since the entrance exam and from there the two are together as companions. Because of their frequent interactions throughout the series, fans consider them a possible couple in the future.

It is by far clear to the viewers that the two have some feelings for each other, as they fight together, support each other and behave like best friends. These signs are clear indicators of their possible ship in future episodes.

2. Shoto Paired With Momo

These two are literal examples of supportive companions. Both of them remain on each other sides and try their best to be in the thick and thin together. From Momo feeling second to Shoto and carrying a lot as her sole responsibility, she admires and feels that she is incompetent to go against him.

When Shoto reveals to Momo his vote for her to be the class representative, fans were clear on the stance that these two will have something stirring between them in the future. Both bring each other tons of motivation and share the same background making them feel comfortable in each other’s company.

3. Kyoka Paired With Denki

A steamy one indeed, Kyoka and Denki are made for each other and they look simply adorable together. They are mostly together and share a comfortable environment.

Denki’s electricity is what wipes everything out and Kyoka supports and this support had led the fans to think of their possible romance.

4. Himiko Paired With Dabi

Love can change people and evil ones can be tamed with love as well. Himiko and Dabi are the powerhouses of the League of Villains. Both of them with a sparkle and vengeance against the world to prove what they are blessed with.

Himiko is a hothead and Dabi is a level-headed character in the series.

This makes their chemistry work and this perhaps leads to a better alliance than a fighting partner, making them a very difficult team to beat. Goals also play a role in generating that perfect villain due, and there might be a possibility of seeing them as lovers in the future.

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