There are few anime in the anime industry that lives up to the hype and fan following of their previously released versions. It happens especially when season one has a good story arc and interesting characters to set the pace right for the audience.

But this is not the case with the Full Metal Alchemist Anime, both of its seasons released years apart from each other equally entertained the viewers. Both the seasons have captivating storylines, and character development that left the fans wanting for more. In the light of these amazing traits that this anime has, the article will be mentioning a few of its prominent and unique factors that made it a worth watching anime series.

Captivating Animation

There are multiple anime that don’t live up to the expectations of their fan following when it comes to animating fight scenes. But this is not the case with Full Metal Alchemist. Both of its seasons offer equal eye-catchy animations with jaw-dropping fight scenes.

From starting to its end full metal alchemist remains true to its original theme and offers us some of the best animation works. The action sequences are done with an exceptional work of art and creativity. There are a few episodes that somewhat went a little dull than the others but still proved to be worthy of our time to binge-watch them again and again.

Fast Pace Storyline

You don’t want to stick around anime that is slow-paced, boring, and going nowhere except staying at one plot for so long. The Full Metal Alchemist is one of those shows that delivers the best fast face storylines with extreme and exceptional fight scenes in a simple and plain tone.

Full Metal Alchemist won’t make its audience yawn with boredom and delivers the best jaw-dropping twists and turns to keep you all hooked to your screen.

The Debuting Episodes

The debuting episode is what grabs the attention of many of us that regularly watch anime. The first episode of both the story arcs of the Full Metal Alchemist is fun to watch. Grabbing your attention and hooking you to its storytelling, the anime convinces you to ask for more.

Both the story arcs introduce our main lead in the best way possible to show how much the character has evolved from time to time.

Music and Opening

What can be the best way to choose your next favorite anime other than choosing it based on their opening songs and the music phases it has throughout the series. Full Metal Alchemist delivers the best when it comes to episode-wise music and opening themes of each character. Both the protagonist and the antagonists have their musical tones to complement their characters.

This makes fans interested in the Full Metal Alchemist story more than other anime due to its engaging music and tones. However there are now multiple anime that have taken the same approach of including a lot of musical tones, but full metal Alchemist remains on top.

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