My Hero Academia is all about action-packed fights superhero training and collaborating against the villains. What helps these superheroes to repel the attacks of villains and make them useful is their Quirks, which makes them unique.

Some of them have stronger quirks and others just have plain dull quirks which don’t work against the villains. This article will be covering the characters with the weakest Quirks and why they are weak in terms of other Quirks.

1. Bubble Quirk of Kaoruko Awata

Just like the name indicates, a bubble quirk allows its master to create bubbles that are filled with a certain scent that the master has smelled before. There is no use of this quirk in combats or in saving the world except in conditions when the master of this quirk wants to prank others with stinky smells.

One more con of this quirk is that it is easily replicated with everyday stuff and doesn’t leave a lasting impact on the opponent.

2. Invisibility Quirk of Toru Hagakure

We all think that being invisible be a powerful ability in the superhero world, but it’s not that powerful and can be a dull quirk to have. The master can only use it in the situation when they need to spy on others, gather information, or prank others by being a ghost.

It demands the master to be completely naked or unarmed in order to fully utilize it for their own good which makes it difficult for others to use this quirk when they are facing a really powerful enemy.

3. Stiffening Quirk of Shikkui Makabe

Stiffening cannot be counted as a super ability as it only allows the master to make things hard and can only be applied to non-living objects. The master of this quirk has to bring their own solid projectiles to be able to hit their enemy and that makes it more useless in an extreme situation when you have to save someone’s life. It is useful in specific team missions and very basic situations.

4. Confession Quirk of Shin Nemoto

This quirk allows the master to unfold the hidden information from the tongue of their opponent. Practically this would have been a very legit quirk in real life but in the anime, this quirk is just not that potent to battle with enemies.

The master of this quirk has to ask their question from the opponent optimally. The quirk works fine on the paper with too many versatilities and strength but in the battleground, it cannot support its master to stand against its enemies.


With these weakest quirks in the My Hero Academia series, there are plenty of other characters that have similar quirks but are surviving alongside the main characters in order to eliminate the villains. As the real strong quirk is the determination and willpower that can never go wrong in extreme situations.

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