Demon Slayer is one of the highest-grossing anime of 2019 following 3 movies and new seasons covering the “Mugen Train Arc” and “Entertainment Arc”. This shonen anime has some of the most epic scenes created beautifully and has some of the most empowering moments related to the leading characters that are a treat to watch.

Our article covers some of the most talked-about moments that hooked the audience and were shocking as well as amazing for the anime-watching community.

Nezuko Fighting Her Instinct

Demon slayer portrays the bond between siblings in the most incredible way. In the first season, viewers are exposed to the sight of a “Demon Nezuko”, after her family is slaughtered. Nezuko then tries to devour her brother “Tanjiro”. But the demon instinct couldn’t harm her humanity besides converting her into a demon. She shed tears over Tanjiro, making it clear to the audience that she hasn’t lost her humanity.

Tanjiro VS The Boulder

Tanjiro gets exhausted from his extreme training and stuck in slicing the boulder. The episode shows two dead pupils “Sabito” and “Makomo” of Tanjiro’s master, Tanjiro finally takes a grip on the breathing technique.

The episode shows how much the creators of Demon Slayer values emotions and combat. Though both are different but, a part of Demon Slayer’s storytelling. Tanjiro finally slices the boulder making Sabito rest in peace.

Zenitsu’s Thunderclap

The Frail Kid who is absurdly scared of almost everything, Zenitsu finally showcases his master skill. We see him fighting the spider brother of Rui, and the lad proves us all wrong in expecting him weak when he uses his master Thunderclap technique.

We get to see the character development of Zenitsu in such a simple yet empowering way.

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art

Tanjiro fights one of the Demon Blood Moon of a lower rank, Rui. We also get to see Nezuko’s empowering demon blood art when she burns Rui’s captivating razor-sharp spider strings. She saves her brother from the demon blood moon while “Kamado Tanjiro no Uta” plays beautifully in the background to make this episode worth watching.

The Beauty of Tanjiro’s Subconsciousness

In the Mugen Train Arc, viewers finally see how much Tanjiro prefers others over himself. The selflessness in Tanjiro’s soul and the beauty of his subconsciousness even shooked the boy who came to kill his soul in the dream. Our hero’s soul invites the boy to kill him making him drop his aim to kill it.

The Devastating Dream  

Enmu puts Tanjiro under the spell of his blood demon art where he sees an emotionally devastating dream. His family is still alive in the dream, Tanjiro shows immense willpower to leave them and get back to reality.

Tanjiro decapitates himself and later cuts off his head over and over to wake up. He later gets unable to differentiate between the dream and reality and tries to kill himself for real until Insuke saves him.

Rengoku Setting His Heart on Fire

Rengoku is a short-lived yet powerful character in the series. In a thrilling fight scene with the upper-level demon blood moon “Akaza”, Rengoku shows incredible fighting moves with utmost dedication to save the people under his watch.

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