There are pretty much 5 main characters in the 167 episodes of Inuyasha. For people who love to binge-watch anime, Inuyasha was one of the most wholesome anime series. The manga of Inuyasha was known for its diversity and uniqueness in its characters. And with that being mentioned, we all had our favorite Inuyasha characters when the series used to air.

This article will be going into detail about what made some of the unique Inuyasha characters the best for us. People who haven’t watched Inuyasha yet should give it a try. Now without any further ado, let’s get straight into the most unique characters of Inuyasha

1. Kagome

Kagome is known for the courageousness and compassion she has for people around her. She never leaves those she calls her friend to. Viewers get to see her unleashing her potential when she masters her archery skills in the series. And she then gradually learns to control her spiritual abilities.

On the surface it might seem like a normal thing however, it is extremely difficult and kagome is that one character who thoroughly worked on herself. She never let envy or greed take over her and became a marksman and a skilled archer.

2. Miroku

An 18-year-old, this Buddhist monk conducts spiritual services and tours the countryside. His services include exorcisms and evil exterminations. But his uniqueness comes with his addiction to ripping off from his wealthy clients.

His most effective weapon is the Wind Tunnel implanted in the palms of his right hand and remained extremely kind when he has to face unlikely situations for the others.

3. Shippo

Our very favorite Shippo is an orphaned kitsune who aims to steal the Shikon Jewel to gain power and to take revenge for his father’s death. His uniqueness is his immense bravery, and his strategies which from time to time saved the troop from dangers.

He lacks raw strength which he makes up for his courage and integrity in the series. Both the viewers and the troop admire him for this.

4. Inuyasha

Of course, you all remember him but the character has too much depth and for this, we had to cover him too. He has a crazy personality in the series and remained lonely most of his life. he has a sweet, energetic, and good heart, which makes him the highlight of the series.

He has the best character growth and became aware of his kind nature slowly in the series. Initially, the character is introduced as a bad-tempered, cold, arrogant, and unfriendly one but later he develops a sense of understanding and empathy for all.

5. Sesshomaru

Who doesn’t love this dog demon?. His character aesthetics are so captivating and viewers loved to see him on their screens. He is Inuyasha’s elder half born of a superior demon bloodline. Throughout the series, he has been feared by all since the feudal period.

His character growth is well written by the creators and he remains one of the most versatile characters in Inuyasha. Sesshomaru is a fantastic and brotherly character. His mystique and appeal are two of the unique traits that the audience loved about him. From time to time he was seen being unpredictable and ruthless for his opponents. This is because he lacked the emotional capability and this is what made him a badass character in the anime series.

5. Sango

5. Kikyo

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