This particular anime was released in the late ’90s, but many anime fans are watching it now, due to its several issues. However back then it was considered a masterpiece, a landmark of the SciFi anime genre. Neon Genesis Evangelion is still loved, loathed, and debated about due to its gripping storyline and plot twists.

The series revolves around how giant aliens called Angels have been destroying the human race and to protect themselves, humans have a sole weapon called Evanglioen, a giant robot, and their only survival. Shinji a 14-year-old boy is the main protagonist and suffers to save the human race in the anime. In this article, we will discuss all the lethal and powerful Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion and rate their destructive nature.


Kaworu aka Tabris ranks as the 17th Angel. He has a human form who carries Adam’s soul in contrast to Rei who carries the soul of Lilith. Viewers et to see this angel as the next Eva Pilot and later on, his betrayal shocked the whole cast to the core.

He possesses a human size but his powers are immense. From commanding Adam-based life to wielding the strongest A.T. field. Tabris has proved from time to time about his lethal capabilities.


Ramiel has incredible power, having his odd geometric shape, he has an upper hand over his animes. He can fire dangerous power beams killing anyone in his way and he is also able to wield a sturdy A.T. field. Throughout the series, he proved a danger to the cast and it took a lot of effort to finish him off.


This specific Angel is both dangerous and has a sense of strategic offense. floating above Earth’s atmosphere, Arael is known for sending mind-invading blasts to Earth. Arael’s attacks are not only lethal but also give psychic pressure to her opponent.

We see Arael eventually beaten down by the other characters in the series but as much he stays he terrifies his enemies on the battlefield.


One of the strongest “direct-combat” Angel, Zeruel appears on our screens after Bardiel’s attack. He owns a massive amount of power and rapidly pierces through Tokyo. His drastic piercing successfully penetrates the GeoFront. He then dismembers Unit-02 and later even survives Unit-00’s sacrificial bomb attack.

We were finally able to see the end of Zeruel when he blasts in the later episodes due to a lack of recovering from continuous blows of his enemies.


We all have seen this one floating as a sphere. But this particular angel is deceptive. As his original body is the shadow beneath the orb. Leliel was so powerful that it took a lot to defeat this one and to locate his body. He survived multiple attacks restoring his powers and threatening his enemies with his giant floating body.

Apart from all these battle Angels, the series has a fair share in providing the best characters, psychological and action-packed scenes and this all made a remarkable series of the late ’90s.

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